Ministries and Missionaries


Sunday School Teachers:

Connie Foster - F.B.I. - Faithful Bible Investigators (ages 6-8)

Linda Williams - Lady Warriors  - (Adult Ladies with focus on prayer)

Robin Edwards - G.I.F.T  - Growing In Faith Together (Ladies Bible Study)

David LaMarr, Robert Williams - Auditorium


Missionaries of Grace Baptist Church:


Kim & Chris Kuhr  -  Holland

Dave & Marilyn Clark - Campus Bible Fellowship



Tom & Nancy Jessup - Mexico

Noel Pacgu   -  Philippines

Alex Ocampo   -  Philippines

Johnny & Rena Nunley -  Brazil

Richard Badgett  -  South Africa

Steve Cook  -  Jewish End Time Ministries

Joel & Beverly Shoaf - New Zealand

Baptist Children’s Home

Bert & Marylou Manzone  - Child Evangelism Fellowship

Steve & Michelle Volante  - Ghana

Joyce Oshiro – retired  Japan

Baptist Mid Missions

Glen and Fleta Matthews - US





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